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Software Support

Continued Development & Technical Help.

Website Design

Minor changes?
No Problem.

Available for ALL website packages.

I understand from time to time you may want to change some aspects of the website after it has gone live. Whether that is changing an image, some text or maybe some new graphics. If you have purchased a website package you can compliment this with an Aftercare Package that guarantees development time every month to implement your changes.

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Web Hosting & Domain Name

Host your website on the internet.

Once your website has been created, you have the option to purchase yearly Hosting plans which allow your website to be hosted on a web server and viewable in the World-Wide-Web. This includes a FREE URL (Domain Name) and I will be responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance over the contract period.

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Bespoke Software

Continuous Development

Upgrading and enhancing your bespoke application.

A yearly 'Support Fee' will give you continuous development of your application. This keeps costs simple as the fees are clear right from the start with nothing hidden.

By using the application, the users will come up with ideas for additions or changes that would make it even more effective. This yearly fee covers the cost of development, technical support and further training as required.

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Technical Support and Training

Help desk support & application guidance.

The yearly 'Support Fee' includes help-desk support, where I am able to answer technical queries, make modifications and fix issues. This also includes training of users to be able to make the most of the application and ensure users are confident in using it.

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