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Holiday Booking System

Allow staff to view and book holiday.

  • Secure login
  • 24/7 Access
  • Paper-free
  • Saves time
  • Ensures correct holiday entitlement
  • Approve or reject holiday requests

A holiday system will allow staff to book holiday at any time. They will not be able to book more than their entitlement and admins can approve or reject requests. The system will allow multiple user accounts with a secure login procedure. An effective way to manage leave electronically whilst also providing business efficiencies.

Holiday System

Admin System

View and process business-related information securely.

  • Secure login
  • Store business related docs such as PDFs
  • Analyse information with graphs and tables
  • Diverse user account privileges - manage/restrict levels of access
  • Document work/project progress for record keeping

An admin system will allow businesses to easily log and store their business data, allowing for their work and other assets to be stored electronically and accessible 24/7. The data will be kept securely on a web server and access to the system will be restricted by user profiles.

Admin System

Appointment Booking System

Give customers an easy way to book appointments.

  • Offer customers a simple booking system.
  • Easily book a date and time
  • Book from any device
  • Staff can view and edit appointments made by customers
  • Identify booking details such as mobile number and email addresses
  • Possible to accept payments and deposits

Allows customers to book appointments on the web. Admin users can easily identify upcoming appointments and view important information about the booking such as number of attendees, contact numbers and email addresses.


Client Management System

A single source for securely storing client information and tracking delivery of services provided to those clients.

  • Track client information
  • Ensure details are always up-to-date
  • Validation - improves accuracy of data input
  • Secure access from any location
  • Bespoke nature - ensures it will not include unused features, making it simpler to operate
  • All information stored in a single location - easy to search and access

A client management system can help your business manage client information and the services you provide them. It could be used to replace a suite of spreadsheets to store data about clients. The system could include certain functions such as uploading documents (PDFs, images, spreadsheets), adding comments or financial reporting.




Ensuring high-level security.

Client data is encrypted from server to delivery using AES 256 bit encryption and TLS 1.2 protocols. A secure authentication model is used and security audit controls such as password expiry, strength of password and lock out rules can be configured as required. The software will also allow secure access from any location.


Making business processes more efficient.

By having a system that is designed around business requirements, the business will gain a high amount of efficiency savings as the features are tailored to specific needs. The system will not include unnecessary or unused features making it simpler to operate and include business know-how which makes information easier to understand.


Better manage your time.

With a bespoke system, technology is the limit. Client information can be stored in a single location making it easy to search and access. Direct communications can be sent to clients in the form of an email, or a personal client “to do” lists including being able to assign an action to a colleague if appropriate. Spending hours on tasks can waste not only time, but also money. A custom solution can help you become more productive, displaying and accomplishing tasks in one place.

Cost Saving

No hidden fees

By investing in a bespoke solution, you are also investing in your future and quality of work. Making it quicker and easier to complete business tasks saving you many working hours.

Implementation Fee - This cost creates your system and associated database. I will be using elements my core code library to ensure stability, together with newly developed code to give you the unique functionality that you require. This cost also covers any workshop sessions and all initial training of staff.

Annual support Fee - This fee is due on the delivery of the system and after selected people have been trained on its use. It includes training, technical support and ongoing development.

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