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Aftercare Packages

Keeping your site secure to regular updates and improvements.

Looking after your Website

From the essentials package to keep your website secure, to monthly updates and improvements.

Keep your website fresh and up-to-date with none of the worries about additional costs of development.

Aftercare Packages can include time, every month, to update your website and provide technical support through an email help desk. There are 3 Aftercare Packages available that start at just £59 per year.
SSL/TLS Certificate
Regular Website Backups
Email Support
Up to 8 hrs availability p/m
Up to 16 hrs availability p/m


1) Do I need a SSL/TLS certificate?
An SSL certificate will ensure the client (visitor) connection to the website is secure and encrypted. It allows visitors to be confident they have a secure connection to your site. Google is now rewarding websites that have a SSL certificate with higher Google rankings, this can improve brand awareness and trust.

2) How long is an Aftercare Package valid for?
Aftercare Packages are yearly contracts which means there are no hidden costs and you know right from the start how much it will cost. The initial contract period is for 1-year and can be renewed on a yearly basis.

3) Why specify 8 hr and 16 hr availability?
8 hrs is equivalent to 1 full working day per month, and 16 hrs is two working days. For small monthly amendments such as changing text or adding some photos, 8 hrs work in a month will be sufficient. Additional updates such as adding new pages and content will take more time and therefore 16 hrs will be appropriate. Examples of website updates can include:

4) Why would I need a Standard or Enhanced Package?
In addition to ensuring your website is secure with an SSL certificate, you are guaranteed development time for me to work on any changes or modifications you would like. Perhaps you've changed your location and opening hours, or maybe you want to introduce a carousel of images displaying your portfolio work. This work is covered under the fee and you will also have a dedicated help desk email address for any questions you may have.

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