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Website Design
I create and design your website which would then be published to a Web Server associated with your own URL (Domain Name). You are in full control with the design and I will be in regular contact to ensure the website is to your liking.

Domain Name and Web Hosting
I provide Domain and Web Hosting packages for your website. If you want to view it on the internet, you'll need to have a registered Domain Name (This is the .co.uk/.com address you type into the address bar on a web browser) and a Web Hosting package. This fee is very good value as I utilise my degree knowledge and industry experience to give you the best possible deal.

Bespoke Software
I also offer specially designed web applications tailored to business needs. Whether that is making it easier for staff to view and book their holiday entitlement, or making it easier for your business to manage clients, these secure applications will save your business time and money.

Yes, we are registered in England & Wales, No 12670604.

Yes it is! Godfrey Designs® is a protected trademark, upholding the integrity and professionalism of my work.

Website Design

I sure can! Have a look at the Domain Name and Web Hosting packages for the services I provide. I will take on the work and responsibilities to manage the Server and Domain Name configuration. However, if you don't mind the extra technical work, I am more than happy to provide help and support.

Certainly! As I need to connect to the Web Server, I will require some technical details from you, but otherwise this is entirely achievable.

That's great to hear! There are so many benefits to having your own website. It can extend customer reach, improve advertising effectiveness, builds credibility and showcases your work or interest. Just to name a few. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to allow this to happen, below is the process you should expect from using Godfrey Designs:

1) There will be a 1/2 week period to capture and document all of the necessary requirements. This will be the time to let me know how you want your website to look. I will request all of the content such as images, text, video, colour schemes, number of pages etc... Don't worry if this challenging, I will be here to help along the way.

2) The requirements will be noted in a 'Website Specification' document to clarify the scope of work I will be contracted to undertake. Don't worry if things need to change, the document will emphasise a flexible approach, as ultimately I want you to be happy with the website.

3) Once you are happy, I will send you the 'Website Specification', a 'Client Contract' and an invoice for the work outlined.

4) I will request a 50% deposit before I start working on your website.

5) Upon completion of the website, I will request the remaining 50% payment before I make the website live so it is publicly accessible, or upon handover.

I am an independent freelance web developer which means you receive incredibly good value. There are minimal overhead costs, such as office space, hiring staff and advertising campaigns. This means the savings can be passed directly to you!

  • Lower Costs
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Personal Service
  • Quicker Responses
  • Direct Communication
  • Swift Delivery

Not to worry! I'm here to help. Drop me an email at: matt@godfreydesigns.co.uk
I understand people may have different requirements, or would like a mix and match of certain features. Additionally, some projects can be more complex than others. While the packages outline a rough guide, I may need to charge more depending on how long the work will take. This is just to reflect the amount of working hours required to complete the project.

Drop me an email with your requirements and I will do my best to help! I will aim to respond within 1-2 working days.

Business Services

Typically, the cost for a web application depends on the complexity and time spent developing the product. Being an independent developer, it allows me to keep costs low so the cost of the software will be very reasonable.

I do not believe in a sign-off process because that suggests I will deliver a perfect system and then you will start using it. The reality is that you will start to use the system and you or other users will come up with ideas to improve it. My cost model encourages this process to happen with none of the associated worries about the additional costs of development.

Implementation Fee - This cost creates your system and associated database. I will be using elements of my core code library to ensure stability, together with newly developed code to give you the unique functionality that you require. This cost also covers any workshop sessions and all initial training of staff.

Annual support Fee - This fee covers:

  • All use of the system and potential for multiple users
  • System licensing
  • Ongoing development
  • Maintenance
  • Weekly backups
  • Review meetings/further training as required
  • Technical Support 9:00 – 5:00 Monday to Friday

Development time depends on the size and complexity of the project. This will be estimated when the requirements are discussed in the initial stages.

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