Helping Businesses Succeed With Software – COVID-19

Putting a Computer Science degree to use, while helping businesses and individuals succeed through the use of technology – such as websites and bespoke software.

The last 6 months have been awesome!

I started Godfrey Designs® in June 2020 after finishing University. With lockdown restrictions taking place I knew the hardship businesses would be facing, and I wanted to do something to help.

I wondered how I could use my technical skills to help businesses and individuals.

By starting a business I am able to professionally publicise my technical and industrial expertise. A place where I can showcase my talents and advertise services.

Software Projects Do Not Have to Be Expensive

First and foremost, Godfrey Designs® is about providing bespoke websites and software at a very low price. Purposely undercutting the larger and more established development firms.

Because I am the sole employee I have very little overhead costs. As a result, I can charge a fraction of the price when compared to other developers on the market.

As cost-cutting and achieving value for money is becoming ever more significant, I am proud to offer technical solutions that won’t break the bank.


Godfrey Designs® embodies some very important and fundamental principles when working with clients.

  • Clear Communication – A thorough understanding of requirements with fast responses to queries. Everyone (including me) hates slow replies.
  • Helpful Advice – Giving advice based on the situation that’s easily understood whilst explaining the technical jargon.
  • Quick and Simple – With a timeline discussed, work can begin soon after the requirements have been agreed.
  • Value for Money – Website packages from £359 and very competitive pricing for bespoke software.


Over the past 6 months I have successfully created software for:

  • Local cafe Tanya’s Kitchen.
  • Handmade arts & crafts shop Butty Mole Crafts.
  • Bespoke software for Sofa & Chair Repair LTD. Customers can enter measurements, select options, order and pay for their custom-sized foam Honey Foam.

Click HERE to view the list of all past clients.

The Story of Godfrey Designs®

As 2020 draws to a close, the work of Godfrey Designs® has been recognised with articles from the University of Surrey and The Accountancy Partnership.

My main motivation is the positive feedback I receive and knowing that I have, in my own way, helped an independent business to succeed.

Matt Godfrey

Setting up a business in lockdown has been challenging, but my degree gave me a foundation of business knowledge that I’ve applied to this new endeavour, as well as my computing expertise. 

Matt Godfrey

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